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What Happens With My Vehicle? I Need Transportation.

METRO ATLANTA TRUSTED PERSONAL INJURY LAWYER Watching your vehicle being towed away knowing that you have to go to work and to doctor’s appointments can be stressful. If you have ever been the victim of an auto accident and your vehicle sustained property damage or it...

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Ambulance Chasers

METRO ATLANTA TRUSTED PERSONAL INJURY LAWYER It’s common in Metro Atlanta for people making all kinds of claims to rush to the scene of accidents trying to take advantage of injured people. Never accept business cards or referrals from phony good Samaritans that will...

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Your Health Always Comes First

LAWRENCEVILLE SLIP & FALL METRO ATLANTA PERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEY If you’ve been injured in an accident, the first thing to do is make sure that you and any other injured persons get medical attention. Call 911 to request police and an ambulance to the scene. Even...

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Document The Accident

METRO ATLANTA TRUSTED PERSONAL INJURY LAWYER While you’re waiting for the ambulance, if you’re able, take photographs and videos of the following: Streets signs that indicate where the accident happened; The positions of all involved vehicles on the road; Damage to...

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The Personal Injury Claims Process

STONE MOUNTAIN TRUSTED PERSONAL INJURY LAWYER The personal injury claims process begins with filing a claim for compensation with the at-fault party or their insurance company. This typically comes after your personal injury attorney has listened to your story,...

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How a Former Claims Adjuster Can Make the Difference

METRO ATLANTA TRUSTED PERSONAL INJURY LAWYER As you have seen, there are many opportunities for an insurance company to take advantage of claimants during the claims process. However, statistics indicate that having an attorney working for you at this stage can...

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Personal Injury Attorney in Georgia

How a Former Claims Adjuster Can Help You Recover the Compensation You are Entitled to. In this article, our experienced personal injury attorney explains why the injury claims process is often difficult and how a former claims adjuster can help secure the outcome you...

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Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys

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