A Personal Injury Attorney You Can Relate To

When you’ve been injured, you need a lawyer that provides a personal touch. That’s The McCloud Law Firm. Schedule a free consultation today.

A Personal Injury Lawyer You Can Trust

When you’ve been wrongfully injured, it can be tough to find a personal injury firm that has your best interests at heart.For example, did you know that most personal injury firms take more money from the case than the client? It’s outrageous but true.

It’s true. Most people are surprised to learn how little they actually take home from a personal injury settlement or win in court.

At The McCloud Law Firm, we have a “No Win/No Pay” policy. This means we take personal injury cases on a contingency where if we don’t successfully negotiate a settlement or win the case in court, you don’t pay us. Plus, as our client, you always take home more than we do- every time. This is our promise and our investment in you and your case.

An Insurance Claims Adjuster Turned Personal Injury Attorney

Part of what makes Pam McCloud so successful as a personal injury lawyer is that she has seen these cases from all sides. She worked for years as a claims adjuster for a major insurance company. It was there that she saw all the tricks used to lowball payment on claims or deny them altogether.

Not only that, but Pam experienced what it’s like to be a victim as well. Years ago, she was involved in a significant car accident, so she understands your personal injury case from the perspective of being in an accident, as a claims adjuster, and as a personal injury attorney.

Few personal injury attorneys understand their cases from all perspectives. That’s exactly why you should schedule a free consultation today. Do it today before the statute of limitations runs out.

About Pam McCloud

Pam McCloud is a graduate of South Carolina State University and John Marshall Law School in Atlanta. Prior to becoming an attorney, Mrs. McCloud worked for many years as a claims adjuster for major insurance companies such as Progressive, Travelers, and State Farm.

She negotiated thousands of claims and learned exactly what evidence insurance companies need to pay out top dollar, something that few personal injury attorneys understand as well as she does. Mrs. McCloud went on to become a case manager at Morgan & Morgan, helping attorneys maximize their caseload.

From there she became a consultant, teaching personal injury attorneys how to handle cases. She’s also a registered mediator with the Georgia Supreme Court.

Pam McCloud founded The McCloud Law Firm to provide high-quality legal services to the community based on her Christian values that require that each individual be treated with the respect they deserve.

Serving others comes naturally to Pamela and she considers it a privilege to pay it forward. Her community work includes founding the SYAD Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides scholarships to high school students in marginalized communities, organizing events for the homeless, coordinating back-to-school drives, and political volunteering to advocate for equal voting rights.

Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys

If you’ve been in an accident and need legal representation, don’t trust just any attorney with your case. The McCloud Law Firm will not rest until they have secured the compensation you need and deserve. With our dedicated team of attorneys, our priority is to fight for you and your needs with excellence.

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